Steven Tyler is “doing splendidly,” the Paraguayan dentist who treated the Aerosmith singer reports, and the band will perform Wednesday (Oct. 26) in the country’s capital of Asuncion, one day after a freak fall left him with a bloodied mouth that caused the postponement of a scheduled Tuesday gig there.

Tyler was “friendly and humble,” said Dr. Maria Bastos, who gave the singer two dental implants. He also “surprised me with his cheerfulness,” she told the Monumental radio station on Wednesday.

A bellboy at the Bourbon hotel in Asuncion where Tyler was staying told reporters on Tuesday that the singer slipped while taking a shower and was brought to the emergency room with a bloody face and missing teeth. Sources close to Tyler blamed the fall on dehydration brought about by food poisoning, and dismissed his injuries as “minor.”

“I’m looking forward to sweating up a storm with the crazy Latin American fans,” Tyler said of the tour when it was first announced. Guess he ended up giving more than just sweat to the fine people of Latin America.

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