When I was a kid, my cousins and I would sleep over my Grandparents house on New Year's Eve and watch Dick Clark's Primetime special and it was awesome.

I'm not exactly sure when that tradition ended but I don't think I've stayed home on New Year's Eve since. I'm planning to do just that this year though. Tomorrow night it's just me, my wife and Seacrest. Watch out twenty twelve!

Quite honestly, New Year's Eve has pretty much been one big let down after another throughout my entire adult life. There's been a couple fun nights, but overall it usually amounts to a night I immediately want to forget. There always seems to be drama involved. For example, three times now my wife and I have spent the evening with another couple who was fighting all night. Three seperate couples on three different nights! What are the odds? We're talking the night ending in a huge blowout and extreme scattered emotions floating through the air as our confetti. Guess who had to clean up? Needless to say, after this happened to us last we vowed NEVER to do the couple thing on New Year's Eve EVER again.

Regardless of whom I've shared New Year's Eve with as an adult, the night has either been uneventful or eventful for all the wrong reasons. I was starting to think I had a New Year's Eve curse, but in reality I think I just need to simplify. I need that old "New Year's Eve at Grandma's house" feeling back. I need Dick Clark back! Unfortunately, I just found out Ryan Seacrest is the new Dick Clark. To be fair though, I've yet to give him a chance. Maybe Seacrest and his frosted pretty hair saves New Year's Eve. I shall see. Happy New Year!

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