From beach pails to water slides, you're never too old for a good summer toy.

While prices may have gone up a little since you were a kid, so has the fun factor on these 10 great summer water toys.

They're bigger. They're better. Some of them probably shouldn't even be legal.


Waboba Extreme Water Bouncing Ball



Skipping stones is all fun and games until someone tries to catch one and winds up in the hospital. Thankfully, there’s the Waboba, an incredible ball that bounces on water. Just give it a hurl and watch it skip across the pool.


Toy Splash

Pool Sub Jumpa Underwater Pogo Stick



You'll get plenty of kicks with this underwater pogo stick. From wall to wall, there's no part of the pool you can't bounce around. Toy Splash, $38.77



Scoobarang Underwater Boomerang



It's an aquatic bird … It's a sea-plane … It's a Scoobarang! Just because you can't curl a boomerang on land doesn't mean you can't do it undersea. Even if it doesn't come back, who wouldn't love an underwater Frisbee? Amazon, $6.99


Toys 'R Us

NERF Hydro Cannon Blaster



This isn't your Dad's water pistol. With the NERF Hydro Cannon Blaster, you can drench a target from 35 feet away. No one is safe from your spray! Toys 'R Us, $29.99



Swimways Submergency Water Ball



The underwater bomb squad needs your help. Your mission: To find the hidden Submergency Ball before time is up. If not, well, you can just try again. Amazon, $17.26



Palco Beast Water Balloon Launcher



Why throw water balloons when you can launch them with a giant water balloon sling shot? With a little help from your friends, the Palco Beast Water Balloon Launcher can launch your balloons up to 300 yards. Water in the hole! Amazon, $33.83



Double Bottle Rocket Launcher



NASA may be shutting down the Shuttle program, but don't let that stop you from launching your own water bottle rocket. Just add water and pressure and off it goes. Amazon, $75.00

Inflatable Aviva Aqua Bar



Why settle for drinking poolside when you can sip your drink in the pool? With the Aviva Aqua Bar, you can float and drink to your heart's content., Currently out of stock

Beach Wagon Toy Set



There's no need to caulk this wagon and float it. With this Beach Wagon Toy Set, your wagon is all set up for tons of beach fun., Currently out of stock

Extreme Cyclone Twist Backyard Water Slide



Let's twist again like we did last summer. On second thought, let's upgrade our twisting with the Extreme Cyclone Twist Water Slide. This mammoth backyard water slide will keep you slipping and sliding for hours., Currently out of stock


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