More than a year after the fact, Amy Winehouse's death will be officially re-investigated following the discovery that the coroner who originally handled the case didn't have the proper qualifications.

The Guardian reports that a recent investigation determined that coroner Suzanne Greenaway, who determined that Winehouse died following "misadventure," hadn't accumulated the minimum amount of experience for the job -- which ultimately led to Greenaway stepping down from her position in November.

More than a simple misunderstanding, the case has emerged as part of a broader scandal involving Greenaway's husband, London coroner Andrew Reid, who appointed her to her position. Facing an investigation and discipline of his own, Reid has also resigned from his job; what happens next for Greenaway and Reid is unclear.

In the meantime, the dozen cases Greenaway ruled on during her tenure will apparently need to be re-investigated, including Winehouse's July 2011 death. According to the Guardian's report, the new hearing in Winehouse's case is scheduled for Jan. 8. No details were given regarding any steps the investigators would need to follow, but hopefully for the singer's family, this bizarre postscript to her sadly shortened life will be settled quickly and easily.