If you haven't driven on 7th Avenue lately there is a lot of construction going on the whole road. The thing is right on the corner of 7th Avenue and Aspen there is a place that is looking like they are about to open their doors very soon and this place looks incredible.

Audrey's Pizza Oven used to be located off of Rouse Avenue and has been one of the most underrated pizza places in Bozeman for years but now they are making their move to a prime time location and they will have company from Freefall Brewery. That sounds like the best combination ever.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

This marriage of Audrey's Pizza Oven and Freefall Brewery sounds like the perfect matchmade for a restaurant. Pizza and beer go hand in hand like so many food combinations.

The best part is that they might be opening up within the next month and that is just in time for summer and that will be huge business for them. Bozeman with all the new folks that moved here in the past year and the tourists that will come here for Yellowstone National Park will have a new place to grab a slice of pizza and a delicious beer.

Audrey's Pizza Oven has been dearly missed since they closed there doors temporarily to build this beautiful building and this home will be very beneficial and help Bozeman realize how great their pizza truly is. Plus, Freefall Brewery looks like they have some pretty great beers as well.

Keep your eye on Audrey's Pizza Oven for updates.

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