The members of Aerosmith may have engaged in a war of words during their long layoff, with the most recent battle coming during a profile on ‘60 Minutes.’ However, a video shot before the band’s first concert of their ‘Global Warming’ tour shows Steven Tyler engaged in some good old-fashioned chop-busting on bassist Tom Hamilton.

Wandering through the corridors backstage at the Target Center in Minneapolis, the singer is trying to explain something he said to an off-camera member of their crew and figure out whether he should wear the brim of his hat up or down. However, he is soon distracted by Hamilton down the hallway.

“Oh, really? I’m wearing this, but you’re wearing those?” Calling out for the camera that’s been following him, Tyler points towards Hamilton’s silver boots as the bassist laughs. “Look at this s—! I’m the freak? I’m the freak? That’s too good, man. That’s too funny.”

In case you were wondering, the glowing object in Hamilton’s hand is a gyroscopic exercise ball. It is designed to build strength in the hands and wrists, and protect against carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries that could result from playing a musical instrument.

Watch Steven Tyler Make Fun of Tom Hamilton’s Footwear


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