Do you find that your dog is frequently stressed after a hard day of guarding the home? Then you may want to help your pooch unwind with 'Dawg Grog,' which is being marketed as beer for man's best friend.

Daniel Keeton, a bartender at Boneyard Brewery in Bend, Oregon, launched the brew back in July as a "liquid treat" for dogs. But don't worry -- there's no alcohol involved. Instead, the beverage is made of low-sodium vegetable broth, water, grain and glucosamine, and it can be served by itself or over dry dog food.

But be warned pet-lovers -- this stuff is expensive. A six pack of 16-ounce bottles costs a whopping $36, which is substantially more than a sixer for humans.

Will you be giving your dog some Dawg Grog while you sip on your favorite brew?

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