Growing up, I always wanted to have a raccoon for a pet. Mostly because I knew that they are as big of trouble makers as I am, and they have opposable thumbs. I remember campaigning to my parents about why a raccoon would be a great addition to our family. I even found videos to share with my Mom, about how they can help around the house. But, it turns out most of those videos showed raccoons completely emptying the cupboards and rearranging spice cabinets. Or burrowing into the drywall above the stove. Not the kind of "help around the house" that I was trying to convince her of. Needless to say, the answer was an inevitable "NO."

In fact, it is illegal in the state of Montana to have a raccoon as a pet.

According to

Montana Code Ann. 50-23-101 et. al. Restrictions on Possession of Wild Animals

BANS possession of wild animals (skunk, fox, bat, raccoon, other animals added by rule) under the rabies control laws except for those grandfathered in 1982, fur-bearing enterprises, zoological exhibition that does not allow public contact and educational institutions for scientific research.

This law is probably what makes Toby and Nugget's relationship so intriguing. Never mind the fact that a dog and a raccoon are best friends. Their relationship is actually illegal in Montana. It is almost like some kind of Romeo and Juliet-style story. But, that doesn't stop the two from being best buds.

According to Toby's owner, the following video features:

"Toby dog hanging out with his very needy best friend. They have been friends since Nugget the raccoon was a baby."


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