Cell Phone
Photo by Townsquare Media

A friend of mine, who has a Montana cell phone number, believes he was targeted in a cell phone scam that the BBB has issued a warning on. If you get a one ring hangup from the Caribbean Islands, don't call back! Here's more:

The Better Business Bureau warns of a 'one ring' cell phone scam from Caribbean Islands. The BBB's Warren King said, quote,

They're using autodialers to call thousands and thousands of our cellphones. And they let it ring once, and then when the consumer goes to look to see who called, some that may be pretty curious may call that number back and automatically be charged an additional $30 on your phone bill.

Some of the area codes being used are 473, 809, 876, 284, and 268. People are encouraged to first research the area code online to see where it originates before calling the number back.