The world is still reeling from the unexpected death of Robin Williams. Last night (Sept. 18), Williams' close friend Billy Crystal shared fond memories of the late star with Jimmy Fallon.

Back in August, Crystal gave a moving tribute to Williams at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

"It was a really hard thing as my dearest friend and it was only two weeks after," Billy said, adding, "And to try to do him justice, for myself and for the audience around the world, really, in two minutes was the task ... I've given eulogies before, sadly, for a lot of people I love, but nobody on television."

Jimmy kindly offered up one of his favorite stories with Robin Williams, describing a time he was on "the funniest bus I've ever been on" with a group of legendary comedians. (Seriously, the audience began to laugh as Jimmy listed them off.) We'll let you hear the story in his own words, but it's an endearing memory of Williams.

Watch Billy and Jimmy recall beautiful moments with the late comedian in the video above! (Just a heads up, there's some mild NSFW language.)

Watch a Moving Tribute to Robin Williams

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