Billy Idol helped Chloe Kohanski win the season finale of The Voice by joining her to perform a duet version of his 1982 hit “White Wedding.” You can watch the clip above.

Kohanski hailed Idol's contributions as the game show’s 13th season came to a close last night. “He was just so genuine,” she told People. “It was hard for me to want to hear myself sing, because I just wanted to listen to him sing the whole song. It was incredible. I got to tell him how much his voice has impacted me as a musician — someone with such grit and such rasp. He doesn’t have a lot of control, in the best way.”

In another interview, the 23-year-old contestant told Hollywood Life: “He is someone who has shaped me as an artist and I get to sing with him. That is so sick. And he said that he was so glad to be here and so glad to be doing it with me. So, that was awesome!”

She also revealed that she’d come close to giving up on her music career, adding: “I wasn’t making any money and I wasn’t really successful and was playing to the same 20, 30 people in a small bar every weekend. I wasn’t even allowed to dream this way before because I didn’t have the money or I didn’t have the team. This show literally showed me a life that I didn’t know was possibly for myself.”

Billy Idol's longtime guitarist Steve Stevens was also on hand for this special vocal duet. Idol, 62, already has two U.S. appearances planned for 2018, along with a tour of the U.K. and Europe.

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