Jack Antonoff of Bleachers has been an icon for some time now, and like every other notable contemporary rock band -- from Arctic Monkeys to the Flaming Lips -- a cover of the Beatles was bound to happen. The frontman recently laid down a cover of the Beatles' "Dear Prudence" while in his hotel room in North Carolina, and luckily enough, he recorded it. You can listen to his version of the legendary song below.

It's a beautiful and original interpretation of the track with the singer using autotune at times (you know, due to the lack of having the Beatles there to back him), forming a driving rhythm that portrays his passion for the song. He also mixes in some of his own talking during the breakdowns.

Antonoff must have been digging The White Album around the time he recorded this, because he also posted to Facebook about "Yer Blues," stating:

There is nothing more direct and perfect than the lyric "I’m lonely / want to die." Perfect. The pace the drums are at and the angry guitars literally feel like the lyrics themselves. It’s by far the most inventive song with a blue progression of all time. No matter what place I’m emotionally in, this song brings me all the way down. That’s amazing.

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