Lost your wallet in a park? Leave the GoPro at the river take out? Bozeman Police Department has a lengthy list of unclaimed property that appears to stretch far beyond the 4 months they generally keep stuff.

If you really have lost something around town, it's absolutely worth a minute to look at their current list of unclaimed property. (Since it's so long, and it appears they haven't destroyed stuff in a while, your chances of it actually being there is at an all-time high. Make sense?)


Normally, the Bozeman Police only have to hang on to unclaimed property for 4 months. That is per a City of Bozeman resolution, not some random judgement call.

After 4 months of a piece of property being 'posted' as unclaimed property, it's normally destroyed, sold at auction, donated or repurposed. The goal is to get the stuff returned to it's rightful owner...so check the list if you've lost something!

You'll find everything on the list from entire purses, wallets and keys...to drones, GoPros, cellphones and ammunition.

As of this writing there are 230 items of unclaimed property with the Bozeman Police Department. So what do you do if something on the list might be yours?

If you are missing property and you suspect any of the property on these lists may be yours, please contact us. For Unclaimed Bicycles, call 406-582-2967.

For all other property contact our Evidence Technician between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday – Friday at 406-582-2236

If your missing item is a bicycle, the Bozeman Police Department has a separate list for that.

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