FINALLY. I'm still unclear what lies ahead for the City Center Motor Inn/Black Angus property but I couldn't be more thrilled that it got demoed this week. It's about time.

Demo of City Center Motor Inn, Bozeman, MT
Demo of City Center Motor Inn, Bozeman, MT

I've heard a few different rumors about what is to replace the old, dated hotel and the Black Angus but anything is better than what's been sitting there for the last few years.

Abandoned buildings serve no good purpose and it's high time this one came down. Broken windows, graffiti, and the "I can't be bothered to actually clean out the old hotel rooms" view? Seriously. Couldn't someone at least be hired to strip the rooms properly?

The potential to this property is enormous. It's fairly big AND there's already decent parking. (I'm sure somehow the City will find it insufficient but it's a good start to a Bozeman Broken Record problem.)

My hat's off to the property owner who finally decided to do something about this dangerous eyesore. At this point, it doesn't really matter what goes up as long as that came down.

Back in the day, the Black Angus wasn't a half bad place to eat, have a beer or gamble a few bucks. That minor allure wore off years ago as the vibe, service and atmosphere changed drastically.

As for the hotel that used to be there? Yeah, no. I'll let the internet reviews do the talking:

  • "The thing was.... we got BED BUGS from their bed. After we hit the road the next day, we started itching. We have found several tiny red spots that hurt and itch so bad..."
  • "Not one person had something nice to say about the experience. Bathrooms were a disaster. Rooms were trashed. Some mentioned they would rather sleep in their car."
  • "This hotel is not cheap, has out of date rooms, and horrible customer service"
  • "Please save yourself some misery, don't even think of staying here. If I could leave a zero star rating I would"
  • "That night my son had a diaper blow out on the bed where you could clearly see poop on the white sheets. They simply remade it over the poop. Gross to say the least"

I could go on, but there's no need. The internet says it all. So with all this said, I can't imagine anyone whining about something new eventually being constructed on that site. IT WILL BE A GOOD THING.

A well-run strip club with a marijuana dispensary in the back would be more beneficial....



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