Even if you did live in a cave, I would be surprised if you still didn't know that Britain's Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton are getting married tomorrow. Since the announcement of their engagement around 6 months ago, I'm gonna go ahead and call the coverage of this event "media OVERKILL".

Tomorrow it all comes to a head and there's of course plenty of ways to see the festivities. There's going to be a bunch of American media outlets broadcasting from England, 7 hours of coverage from the Today Show, the Royal Channel Live Stream will even bring the event to your computer. I get it, it's a Royal wedding in Westminster Abbey, the making of a princess, glamour and fairytale. I'll probably tune in for a few minutes to see the craziness but that's it.

I guess I see both sides of whether or not all the attention to this wedding is warranted. I agree with those who are acknowledging that we have much bigger national and worldly news to focus on. Just like any other form of entertainment though, I guess we should look at this as a needed temporary distraction. I just feel that the 6 month distraction has long run its course and I don't even care about the wedding at this point. What do you think?

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