Bruce Springsteen has welcomed many a young woman to the stage over the years during his performance, including his own daughter recently during a show in France. But during his Dublin performance last week, “The Boss” welcomed a young lady to the stage that was literally half his size.


Six-year-old Sophie Sutton was plucked from the crowd to sing with Springsteen on the track ‘Waitin’ on a Sunny Day,’ and she held her own in front of the 35,000-strong audience.

Sophie’s father, Paul Sutton, told Ireland’s Newstalk Breakfast (via Gigwise), I think Bruce was a little taken by Sophie and she was lapping it up. We were in the pit and I had Sophie on my shoulders. Bruce had spotted Sophie earlier and gave her a guitar pick. That was brilliant in itself, but when he came to picking someone from the audience, he looked straight at her. She went off with no hesitation at all. It was just amazing, a real highlight to a fantastic concert.”

The Dublin performance was also the one where Springsteen and his bandmates took the opportunity several times to poke fun at last weekend’s plug-pulling incident in London.

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