There are few things on earth more delectable and delicious than a perfectly flakey, buttery croissant. They are perhaps one of my favorite treats of any food, ever created. The Bozeman area has been blessed over the years with incredibly talented bakers, so finding a high quality croissant is no longer difficult.

My love for good croissants is almost embarrassing. Just knowing several places that I can purchase one (or two), just in case the urge arises is reassuring. You know how it goes - when the craving for your favorite food arises, you do what you gotta do.

I've got my personal stash of croissant "dealers" that I love and that are convenient to me...but one of the local online forums was posed with the question: "Where can you get the best handmade croissants in the Gallatin Valley?" There were DOZENS of responses from croissant connoisseurs across the area.

In no particular order, we collected the responses and advice that was put forth by locals. There's not much debate on what makes a high-quality croissant vs. a measly, barely acceptable grocery store variety so we have to take these folks at their word. (However, I'll chime in with my personal stamp of approval on all suggestions that I know are top notch, simply from personal experience.)

NOTE: Even with the grocery store jab above, we were pleasantly surprised to find one grocery store chain's bakery mentioned several times in the online croissant discussion. In a battle with Austrian and French bakers in town, we have to tip our hat to a grocery store that gets significant love.

On The Rise Break Co. Facebook - Bozeman, MT
On The Rise Bread Co. Facebook - Bozeman, MT
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  • "Duke's Cafe in Belgrade!" (220 South Broadway, Belgrade, MT)
  • "Dukes Cafe in Belgrade has the best!"
  • "Wild Crumb just had corned beef and Irish cheddar croissants yesterday (for St. Patrick's Day and they were off the charts." (600 North Wallace Avenue, Bozeman)
  • "Wild Crumb is pretty darn good!"
  • "The Coffee Pot in four corners is amazing." (80795 Gallatin Road, Bozeman) FYI - it does look like their menu changes often (although it all sounds good, really.) If you're hell bent on croissants, you might want to call ahead to make sure they have them.
Vienne Cafe, Bozeman, MT - Facebook
Vienne Cafe, Bozeman, MT - Facebook
  • "You want to go to Vienne Cafe, an actual French bakery." (101 South Wallace Avenue, Bozeman)
  • "Vienne hands down."
  • "Sinclair's makes the best laminated dough! (crosswinds etc.)The others in Bozeman taste like dinner rolls to me"


  • "Another vote for Sinclair's Bakery at the Saturday farmers market! Bozeman fairgrounds 9-12" (These croissants, and every other product I've had from Sinclair's is absolutely delicious and authentic. Worth the effort to connect with him. -Michelle)
Sinclair's Bakery, Facebook
Sinclair's Bakery, Facebook
  • "Special order from Aurore French Bakery! Their location is opening soon, and the owner is from France." (141 West Baxter Lane, Bozeman) Their social media is packed with amazing photos of baked goods, cakes, pastries and fancy French treats.
  • "The croissants and pastries from On The Rise are always decadent and authentic." (81 Northstar Lane #201 in Four Corners)
  • "If you’re up for a trip to Big Sky, check out Sweet Buns Catering LLC! Their croissants are amazing!" (145 Town Center Avenue, Big Sky, MT) It looks like these guys do in-home Chef services, drop-off meals, event catering, sweet treats, and special orders.


  • "The chocolate croissants are the best at Rosauers." Hey, the DO have a pretty extensive bakery section for a grocery store...
  • "I may have an unrefined palate, but Rosauers has some pretty good full sized and mini croissants in their bakery!"
  • "I have some mini croissants in my kitchen right now lol, I love Rosauers"
  • "Honestly, the bakery that makes all the fresh goods for the dining halls at MSU do a magnificent job on the croissants. They are beautiful!"

IMPORTANT NOTE: I always like to be clear that none of the businesses listed in this article paid to be included, or were even notified in advance that they were nominated. It's simply a list of favorite local options, from local lovers of croissants like me :-)

Stuffed croissants - Wild Crumb Facebook
Stuffed croissants - Wild Crumb Facebook

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