And POOF! Just Like That...No Masks
"Relying on personal responsibility to follow public health guidance" during a pandemic. Montana may be screwed. Every patron of the Quickie Mart this morning was mask-less.
SATURDAY: Gallatin County Drug Take Back Day
Have old prescriptions, pills and medications around the house? Keep your family safe by getting RID of those this Saturday. Don't flush them down the toilet as those meds will eventually end up in our water supply and waterways.
The 5 Best Things to Do to Boost Your Immunity Right Now
Dr. Michael Greger is a well-known doctor and author, whose bestselling books, How Not to Die, and How Not to Diet are each a veritable tome and guide to healthy living. Dr. Greger, who launched, guide to living a healthy plant-based life, makes no secret that he believes in the p…

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