The last time people were comparing the way something looks to George Washington, that something was disgraced swindler Bernie Madoff. And, really, the father our country deserves a much better doppelganger.

Cue Chicken McNugget George Washington, who a woman in Sioux City, Iowa bought at a McDonald’s three years ago.

Because the tasty fried treat bears a likeness to America’s first president ,she has kept it in her freezer ever since. And now she is auctioning it off on Ebay to raise money for a church summer camp for kids.

Approximately 3 years ago, I treated my children to ’99 cent McNugget Tuesday’ and play time at our local McDonald’s,” she explains. “As I was cleaning up, I noticed one particular nugget and began to laugh. I picked it up for a closer look, and sure enough it was in the likeness of President George Washington. I decided to take it home and show my husband this hysterical find.”

Her hysterical find could be your collectible for the price of about $200. Do you see the resemblance between the  highly-processed chicken morsel and the Revolutionary War hero? Check out the photo below and let us know. Since the ski season isn't going great this season you could potentially sell your skis and become the proud new owner of this patriotic chicken nugget.

[via Ebay]