It is bone-chillin friggin cold out there. Currently as I type this, it is -9 in downtown Bozeman. What are some of your favorite things on a day like this when you don't want to be outside? Here's my list


It has been real cold lately in the Gallatin Valley. Someone on facebook posted yesterday that the hospitality and good attitude in Bozeman will keep us warm. I like that, it's true but what are some of your favorites on a day like today when it's kind of dangerous to stay outdoors for any length of time? Here's a quick personal list of some simple treasures on days like this:

1.) A blanket and a movie on your couch (that would mean playing hookie today which sounds like heaven right now)

2.) Hot Chocolate with whip cream (hot cocoa if you will, sounds warmer doesn't it?)

3.) A hot shower (a steaming sauna-like shower)

4.) I have to say those Thuggies look pretty sweet!

5.) Soup or stew or chili (oh my!)

6.) Basically just being a big baby at home. Lying on my couch with my dogs, a blanket drapped over me and all phones turned off! An excuse just to be a lazy pile of poo (I feel a serious 24 hour bug coming on)

Pretty simple really for me, what am I missing?

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