Reclusive R&B musician D’Angelo joined a supergroup led by Roots drummer Questlove to perform a set filled with rock and funk classics at the 2012 Bonnaroo Festival early Sunday morning (June 10).

According to Funk It Blog, the surprise introduction of D’angelo, who’s recently emerged from over a decade of public near-silence following the tour for his 2000 album ‘Voodoo,’ drew a boisterous reaction from the crowd. He joined an all-star assembly featuring touring Who bassist Pino Palladino, Prince saxophonist Eric Leeds and guitarist Jesse Johnson from the Time to perform a ninety-minute show.

The evening kicked off with ‘Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)’ from Jimi Hendrix‘s final studio album, and went on to feature songs from Johnny Watson, Ohio Players and the mighty Funkadelic. (By the way, explain to us again how their early records aren’t on classic rock radio?)

As you can hear on this full-length mp3 from the session, the evening kept cooking with more Hendrix (‘Power of Soul,’ from ‘Band of Gypsys’), as well as surprisingly rare Beatles and Led Zeppelin tracks – ‘She Came in Through the Bedroom Window’ and ‘What is and What Should Never Be.’

All told, it’s enough to make one extremely jealous not to have been in Manchester, Tennessee this weekend.

Watch Questlove’s Superjam Perform ‘She Came In Through the Bedroom Window’

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