Unless you've been living under the world's biggest rock, by now you've heard about Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl breaking his leg at a gig in Swedenfinishing that show and then building a throne for him to sit on so he could continue touring.

He's been healing, slowly, with his doctor apparently staying very, very close, but now in a new interview with Q, Grohl shares a unique form of his own kind of physical therapy to help the healing process: air drumming to Led Zeppelin.

He told the magazine that for his own recovery he's been “air drumming along to Led Zeppelin three times a day.” He also elaborated on the loss of use in his left foot, saying, “It’s funny, ever since I started playing the drums my right calf muscle has been twice the size of my left from stomping the hell out of my kick drum pedal ... now it looks like a sad little chicken wing.”

Grohl also spoke about Florence + The Machine's shoutout to him at Glastonbury, where the Foos were forced to cancel their performance, stating, “It melted my f---ing heart. I am forever indebted to them. It meant so much, you have no idea.” The band has many more tour dates scheduled through mid-November, both home and abroad. You can stay up-to-date with their tour itinerary via their official website.

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