Foo Fighters made their return to the Late Late Show With James Corden stage last night, performing the classic song "Best of You" for the audience as Corden took his show back to London this week. The band was already in town for the Kerrang Awards, where they won a pair of honors.

However, the performance came about after a bit of awkwardness; members of the Foo Fighters complained about their experience doing a segment of Corden's Carpool Karaoke in an interview last October with NME. Grohl remarked that it was "a little uncomfortable" doing the segment, while Pat Smear stated, "By hour three in dude's car, it got less fun."

This week it was reported that those comments were noticed by Corden, who sent Grohl a message asking, "What the fuck, dude?"

"I was like, 'Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,'" Grohl told The Sun. “I had to text him back and was like, ‘No dude, that’s not what we meant.' What we were trying to say was it was uncomfortable to sit in a car and try to sing our own songs. If we were singing Queen songs or Led Zeppelin songs or Beatles songs, it would have been fine. But to sit there and sing your own songs . . . we felt weird about it."

Grohl continued, “I don’t drive around Los Angeles singing to my own songs. So when we said it was an uncomfortable experience . . . I felt so bad when it came out in the press — ‘Foo Fighters had a terrible time, they hated the whole fucking thing’. We didn’t. He’s such a sweet guy.”

The return engagement went well, with the band not only performing but Grohl participating in the collaborative onstage interview, revisiting a story about being out of sorts at a Paul McCartney gathering and being saved by Taylor Swift during an on-the-spot jam session. Watch video of that below.

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