When most Americans think about "the great American pastime," it is usually baseball that comes to mind. Here in Montana, we consider "the great American pastime" as strapping cowboys to livestock and riding. It is safe to say that rodeos are big in Montana. In fact, some of the biggest rodeos in the sport take place here all the time.

Riggin Rally is considered "The World's Richest Bareback Riding"

Back in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, a rodeo was created in the small Bitterroot Valley town of Darby, MT, thanks to the Steiner Family out of Texas, and 'Yellowstone' creator Taylor Sheridan.

According to the Darcy Rodeo website

The Steiner Family Rodeo Company of Texas was one of the first rodeo productions to bring the star quality of celebrities to the show taking rodeo to the forefront of family entertainment that it’s known for today. Bobby Steiner is the 1973 World Champion Bull Rider. It is Bobby and his son Sid, who are in the forefront of bringing this world class event “Yellowstone Riggin’ Rally” to Darby Montana.

Back in 2020, Taylor Sheridan, and company Bosque Ranch Productions, helped sponsor the event. Alongside the Steiner Family Rodeo Company. They decided to brand the rodeo the "Yellowstone Riggin Rally." The rodeo brings bareback riders from all over the world to compete for huge cash prizes. Dubbed an official PRCA rodeo event, the "Riggins Rally" is paying out a purse of $50,000 to riders.

Are "Yellowstone" cast members going to be attending the event?

The "Yellowstone" influence on the rodeo is reflected in everything from the rider's bib numbers to even the belt buckles. The "Yellowstone Dutton Ranch" Y is displayed in jewels for the winning riders. Even scenes for the show itself have been filmed at the rodeo. Does that mean Taylor and the cast may be making another appearance next weekend?

This year's event will be held on June 4th and 5th. Get tickets and more info here.

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