We hit Main Street today for another of our COMPLETELY INFORMAL polls. The question seemed simple...'What Does ISIS Stand For?' Most of the time we heard crickets.

Gallatin County is filled with well-educated people. Those of us who didn't go to college are pretty well informed on current events, no matter WHICH side of the political aisle we sit.

I blame Bozeman's terrible correct response rate on ALL MEDIA for forgetting to explain the basics often enough. Sure you hear about ISIS all the time, but rarely do you hear the entire name of the group.

ISIS stands for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. OH, OF COURSE! I KNEW THAT! 

We heard that all morning long, which was probably true. The acronym isn't complicated, but the group's full name seems to be rarely used. We thought we'd brush up on the history of ISIS and share the basics again.


  • Exactly 100 responses were collected (hundreds more were asked if they would answer one current events related question)
  • Out of 100 responses collected, 2 responses were correct
  • We did not ask any further details or questions from respondents (age, education, political affiliation)
  • This poll was structured as a "man on the street," asking one question and simply recording the NUMBER of correct and incorrect responses
  • This was a VERY CASUAL poll, taken in downtown Bozeman on Monday Oct., 5, 2015.






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