A group of quick-acting rescuers witnessed the most classic case of “But first, let me take a selfie,” when a Canadian woman snapped some pics of herself after plunging her car into a frozen river.

Spectators were stunned by the accident, but it was the driver's bizarre actions afterward that really blew their minds.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the unidentified woman was speeding on the frozen Rideau River, which flows through Ottawa, when the ice suddenly broke underneath her vehicle, sinking her car.

The woman was able to safely climb out of the window and stand on top of the vehicle as it slowly sank into the frigid water.

When nearby residents frantically rushed to her aid, they discovered that not only was she shockingly calm, she was also snapping some selfies. (Gotta document that #OOTD, right?)

Minutes later, as the vehicle became nearly completely submerged, emergency responders arrived on the scene and dispatched a kayak attached to a rope, pulling the driver to safety.

Paramedics responded to the scene but said she was uninjured.

See the woman's iconic selfie for yourself, below:

Witnesses said the woman seemed happy and completely unfazed by what had just happened to her. Some claimed that she even appeared to be having fun.

Police have charged the woman with dangerous operation of a vehicle.

Would you be able to remain calm and take a selfie if this happened to you? Let us know on Twitter at @PopCrush.

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