Bozeman's Distracted Driving Law went into effect on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. There was, however, a 30 day grace period from that date in which violators would only receive a warning. Time's up on that Bozeman. Today is the day that using handheld devices while driving within city limits is a ticketable offense.


The law bans the use of electronic handheld devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, and other mobile devices that use short-wave analog or digital radio transmissions while driving or bicycling within city limits.

Warnings were issued for the first 30 days the law went in effect. Now that the grace period is up, citations carrying a $100 fine will be issued to those breaking the law. Officers will use their discretion in deciding what constitutes a violation. According to the Bozone:

officers will have to see a component of careless driving, such as impeding the flow of traffic or weaving - or see the driver holding a device.


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