Anyone who's been in Bozeman for any significant amount of time has a Music Villa T-shirt. If you don't, you should. It's one of the most outstanding business institutions in the city.


I'm not sure when I got my first one or which one it IS exactly. There are those pictured here and then there's a hoodie someplace and the one I'm wearing as I type this.

This ain't a pitch for you to go buy a shirt. It's to make a point.

Music Villa T-shirts are my security blankets. Don't judge me that I need half a dozen of them. These shirts are TRULY my security blankets.

I somehow feel more at home when I'm wearing one.

You've got your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite hoodie, right? Perhaps it's a pair of skates, skis or running shoes. No matter what the object is, there's probably some sort of material object that just makes you feel better, no matter where you are.

The black one is what I wear when I travel. No matter what. Seriously. I don't get on a plane without it. (Ask a Delta rep next time you're at the counter about the chick in the black Music Villa shirt.)

This feeling of "home" is so important and for some reason. I think a T-shirt affects me far more than any picture in my wallet, because I'm surrounded by it.

It's like "Bozeman Armor."

Is it possible that my brain feels as if they are valuable currency? "Hey there, Sinaloan cartel member, just take this Music Villa shirt and we'll call it good, right?"

I DO know it represents far more than the business (that I love) on the front.

Whether I'm downtown, cleaning the house, emceeing a concert or 4,000 miles from home, I never forget where my comfort zone is....Bozeman.

Thank you Decker Family and all that work at Music Villa. When I walk through your doors for more speaker cables or yet another T-shirt, you never miss an opportunity to remind me that this is the best place on earth.

Music Villa shirts/KMMS

Not to mention these guys are freakin hilarious.