It's going to be a sad day in my living room when Steve Carell leaves "The Office" this season, but could it also be the best season yet? The Anchorman himself that acted alongside the I-love-lamp-Steve Carell will be in at least 4 episodes of "The Office." Are you excited? 'Cause, I am!

Will Ferrell and Justin Beiber

Is it a perfect fit, Ferrell for Carell. Their names are at least similar. It's not certain if Will Ferrell be a permanent replacement but it may be a possibility. Ever since Jim and Pam got married the show seemed to lack a bit of the wonder it once had, but now with Ferrell on board I feel anything could happen. Who do you think should replace Michael Scott, if anyone?

James Hibberd -

Three episodes will feature Carell and Ferrell together (they're not co-workers, they're co-people), then Ferrell will have one episode working with the "Office" gang solo after Carell departs (he's leaving the show four episodes before the season finale, you'll recall).

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