The games have begun and the heat is on. Follow your score in the Million Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge - and Rich Ledoux's bracket - below, as the tournament continues toward the Final Four finale, and the NCAA championship game on April 8.

To see your current score, log in below. Click over to "Leader Board" at the top of the bracket, where you'll also see the scores of other readers, and of all our DJs.

Bookmark this page and keep checking in to watch your score. If you are having trouble seeing the right side of the bracket, scroll down and you will find a scroll bar that will let you pan over to the right. And don't forget, you can open a printer-friendly version of your bracket by clicking the "Print" button on the upper left corner of the bracket.

Don't forget to talk some smack in the comments too!

Last year Rich had the best bracket in our entire company! He hopes to do the same again this year! Let him know what you think in the comments below

Grand Prize - If you have a perfect bracket, you win $1 million!

Runners Up - Predict 60 games correctly and you win $10,000!

Top of Bozeman Prize - Predict the most games correctly out of all the players in Bozeman and win $200 in food/beverage at Jackpot Casino along with $100 of machine play!

Beat the Jackpot Prize - If you beat Jackpot Casino's bracket you will win a free drink at the Jackpot Casino on West Main Street in Bozeman. Once you redeem your free drink coupon, you will also be entered to win a $300 prize package from Jackpot Casino!


[ncaabracket market="bozeman"]

Contest Info

  • The bracket will be updated with teams following selection announcements on March 17.
  • The (4) play-in games on March 19 and March 20 are byes -- no prediction required. Predictions are required only for the (63) games beginning Thursday, March 21.
  • Play-in game teams will initially be displayed together as one selection, until the winner is determined, at which time, the losing team will be removed.

Questions? Contact us with issues registering or filling out your bracket.

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