When it comes to big tips, there are big tips, and then there are big tips! Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl reportedly left one lucky bartender at the Smith and Wollensky restaurant in Philadelphia’s swanky Rittenhouse Square Hotel something that would definitely fall into the latter category recently when he reportedly laid down $1,000 after ordering a single drink. Yes, you read that correctly — that’s a one followed by three zeros for just one drink.

The Foo Fighters frontman was visiting the City of Brotherly Love for a wedding over the long Memorial Day weekend when he stayed at the Rittenhouse. It was Friday night that he stopped by the Smith and Wollensky for a drink and laid down the $1K tip.

The following night, he returned to the same bar and ordered a few more drinks — and then dropped the exact same $1,000 tip. We’re guessing that this would definitely qualify him for “Saints” status on the Celebrity Tippers website.

This story, as reported in the Philadelphia Daily News, goes along with the general consensus that Grohl is overall not just an amazing musician and rock star, but also an overall standup guy. We don’t have any of our own tales to add to this notion, but let’s just say we’d be surprised if he turned out to not be an awesome dude. He definitely seems like one of the most grateful celebrities out there.

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