Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley was in Hamilton on Monday campaigning on behalf of Senator Steve Daines and gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte.

Haley spoke to about 30 people gathered at the Bitterroot River Inn to praise Daines for his work in the U.S. Senate.

“During the time he’s been in D.C. he's really taken common sense to Washington,” said Ambassador Haley. “He sponsored a bill that said, if Congress doesn't balance their budget, Congress doesn't get a paycheck. How smart is that? He went further and said, you know what, we're going to make sure that China is held accountable. Why are we dependent on 90% of our pharmaceuticals, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)  from them? Let's bring those jobs back home and have them produced in America. He introduced legislation for that.”

Haley explained why the vote in Montana is so important.

“All eyes are on Montana right now,” she said. “Why? Because it's the 51st vote. Oh, it's the 51st vote, and we understand what's at stake, because this is the difference between a conservative court and a liberal Supreme Court. This is the difference between law and order and riots and lawlessness and defunding the police.”

Haley warned what might happen if Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate.

“Let me tell you, the Democratic Party is not your grandmother's Democratic Party,” she said to a chorus of ‘Amens’. “This is a fight of capitalism versus socialism and Montanans know what it means to be free. Freedom doesn't come easy. But once you open that door to socialism, you'll never get it back. I've been in countries and I've seen what happens when they open the door to socialism. The second you give government control of your healthcare, you literally are giving them your life.”

Haley said the Republican vote must go farther than just the state of Montana.

“We have to make sure that Montana is not just covered at the state level with Greg and with Kristin but it's covered at the federal level with the and all the way up to the President,  and tell them that this is the 51st vote,” she said. “This is the one that matters because I think we're going to have a win on Election Day. I think we're going to have a win from the top all the way down.”

Daines is in a tight race with Governor Steve Bullock for the U.S. Senate. Nearly $120 million has been spent so far for the U.S. Senate race alone, a new Montana record for political spending in one race.

Haley was on a speaking tour across Montana, and was on her way along with Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras to Kalispell and Great Falls.

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