Los Angeles bubblegum indie rockers Foster the People have a new video full of death, dance floors and remote-control resurrection — plus even some boy band choreography. Check out the surreal ‘Houdini’ below.

The video’s plot has classic Foster the People strangeness: eight seconds into shooting a video, the set crashes down the from ceiling, squishing the spunky trio. And they have a concert tomorrow! Oh no. Thankfully, the band gets cybernetically stiched together, a tangle of circuits is revealed below Mark Foster’s face — makes sense, the dude was always a little on the stiff side.

Soon it’s time for a little club show. Everyone’s loving ‘Houdini.’ Dudes offstage are controlling band with gadgets like remote-controlled cars, and Foster the People suddenly does their best Backstreet Boys impression. And they can fly? And after the show, they’re actually dead on the couch backstage. Even while deceased, they throw a great party.

So the point is that if your ‘re a pop rock band is crushed to bits then some weird guys will create android copies of you and throw a rave. It’s like Maroon 5 meets ‘Blade Runner.’

Watch Foster the People’s ‘Houdini’ Video

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