I'm always looking for good news stories to make me smile. 

I read this recent article of a young man in New Mexico who was helping his grandfather do some shopping.  While getting cash at his local ATM, found a stack of money meant to refill the ATM.  As many thoughts ran through his head, he made the decision to contact police.  They were able to get the funds to the bank safely.

Or how about this story!

How long does it take a ferret to run a full marathon? Turns out to be about 3 weeks.  A family in London were participating in a 4 kilometre Run/Walk Challenge (2.6 miles). When the ferret didn't appear tired after the first day, they kept up the daily walks.  By doing so, the ferret (and family) raised about $2700 to be used to purchase books.

And finally, I need to remember, playing video games can save a life.

A Texas 20 year old was playing an online game with a friend 5,000 miles around the world.  When a 17 year old gamer began having what appeared to be a seizure the Texan took action and was able to do a search of local law enforcement numbers. Within moments, paramedics were sent and found the teen disoriented.  The parents were quoted saying “We always say to the kids, be careful who you speak to online, but in this case, it was invaluable.”

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