I go to www.google.com on a daily basis, even if I don't need to search anything, because I love the creative google doodles each day. They create a different google logo each day, crafted out of that day's relevance. For example, seen here is today's google doodle (today is Harry Houdini's 137th Birthday). Clever I tell ya.


You can go to www.google.com/logos to see archived google doodles. Here is another one that made me smile from March 13th (National Thai Elephant Day). It's just a cool way to incorporate the global calender (well done Google). I admire the creativity and then go around reminding everyone that it's National Thai Elephant Day and to keep our "gentle giants" in your thoughts today. People shake their heads at me, I smile. Hey, whatever you gotta do to keep that smile on your face, right?

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