Shortly after teasing the imminent arrival of his new side project the Longshot, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has debuted a trio of tracks from the band's upcoming release.

As previously reported, Armstrong revealed the Longshot's existence through a series of Instagram posts — first through his own account, then at a Longshot account that has since uploaded more than 50 photos and videos getting fans geared up for an album titled Love Is for Losers.

"Love is for losers," explains one post. "Thus, the new album has been named accordingly. Fans are encouraged to show unity by getting a broken heart tattoo if they are, of course, a loser. It's rumored that VIP access may be granted to those that attend a show as a Lone Ranger."

A release date for Love Is for Losers has yet to be revealed — the band's Instagram bio says it's "coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner" — but in the meantime, the album's being prefaced with a Longshot EP, which consists of the songs "Taxi Driver," "Love Is for Losers" and "Chasing a Ghost," all of which are out and available for streaming or download now.

It should all be enough to tide fans over for the main course — and if all else fails, they can amuse themselves by spreading incorrect information about when Losers is really arriving and what the band's up to in the meantime. "I think everyone should spread as many rumors and lies about the Longshot as possible," encourages another post. "Who the members are. You saw us in a club in Ohio. We opened for Taylor Swift. Just make stories up to the outsiders that are not on this Instagram page yet. Anything. I don’t care."

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