Not only were the Green Day fans in attendance last night at the Echoplex in Los Angeles lucky enough to make it into the band’s secret show, but they also got to witness performances of at least nine songs that will appear on the group’s upcoming ‘¡Uno!’ ‘¡Dos!’ ‘¡Tre!’ album trilogy.

Fan site Green Day Authority reports that new songs played during the show included ‘It’s F— Time,’ ‘Stray Heart’ and ‘Stay the Night.’ Video footage of three of the songs hit YouTube this morning, including the planned second single, ‘Kill the DJ,’ a danceable rocker with the call-and-response lines “Someone killed the DJ / Shoot the f—ing DJ.” Also captured on film were ‘Nuclear Family,’ which has more of a familiar pop-punk edge, and the more melodic ‘Wild One.’

With videos of these three tracks hitting the web, fans everywhere have now heard plenty of material from the upcoming trilogy. In addition to the new songs, lead single ‘Oh Love‘ is already No. 1 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart, the group released a live video for ‘Let Yourself Go‘ and performances of new tracks like ‘Carpe Diem’ and the Amy Winehouse tribute song ‘Amy’ have been circulating online for some time.

The album trilogy begins with the release of  ‘¡Uno!’ on Sept. 25, followed by ‘¡Dos!’ on Nov. 13 and ‘¡Tre!’ on Jan. 15 of next year.

Watch Green Day Perform ‘Kill the DJ’

Watch Green Day Perform ‘Nuclear Family’

Watch Green Day Perform ‘Wild One’

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