Saturday May 18th. YOUR driveway. YOUR garage sale. The Moose just wants to stop by that day to say "hi", give you free Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream and broadcast live with you.

Pay off all your bills with the money you can make at YOUR garage sale!

It only costs $50 to register your garage sale to be included in the Bozeman Super Garage Sale line-up. But to be super clear, YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAUL YOUR STUFF ANY FURTHER THAN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY.

What do you get for your $50? For starters, the sooner you sign up the sooner I can start talking about your featured items on The Moose Morning Show. Seriously. People are nuts for garage sales and if YOU have something they want, they're comin' for it!

Coldstone Creamery is giving me a huge pile of coupons for free ice cream that I'll personally deliver to your garage sale on May 18th. All you have to do is register NOW and then wake up a little early on that Saturday. We'll bring the crowds to YOU.


Super Garage Sale Saturday May 18th, Where: Anywhere sales are happening, Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery and Warriors and Quiet Waters

Eventbrite - Bozeman Super Garage Sale