We know accidents happen, but for real...is this necessary? This car was the victim of a hit and run, and as you can see, it was not just a little bump. What is the point of being a crappy human and doing this and then just taking off?

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Someone hit my wife’s car this morning on jackrabbit they threw their vehicle in reverse and smashed her front and it’s a darker color jeep wrangler if anybody sees one in the Belgrade area with rear end damage please let me know with a possible plate number-Thomas Beeda

The owners say it happened at 6:45 AM this morning (Tuesday, Nov. 16th) and that the vehicle that hit the car was a "dark-colored Jeep Wrangler". If you were off of Jackrabbit this morning around that time and saw anything please reach out to the Belgrade Police Department at (406) 388-4262.

The Jeep Wrangler that hit the Mazda will have damage to the rear end. The owners are super upset and just want to make sure the person that did this is held responsible. The same outcome any of us would want. It is such a crappy situation to have happened to anyone.

Thomas Beeda Facebook

So we are reaching out to the community to try and find whoever did this. You will not get away with it, so it is best to just turn yourself in and get it over with. No auto body shop in this town will fix your Jeep without seeing this.

Montana has more pride than to just smash someone's car and take off. Grow up, be a responsible driver, a good human being, and do the right thing. That's why we have insurance right? Call it in. (406) 388-4262

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