You may have heard, there is a major shortage of medical filtration masks for staff at Montana hospitals, and other homes and centers that employ health care workers. It's a problem across the country and many cities are scrambling to find appropriate CDC approved face protection during this pandemic. One Missoulian is attempting to organize and deliver some volunteer sewing, and she's made it very easy to help.

Calling all sewers & quilters: I am working on codifying a pattern, and hope to begin gathering names of those who want to help! Post below if we can count you in! Gather up your pre-washed quilters cotton, oil your machines, gather your thread- Providence Hospital system needs 1000's and washable masks help keep the more valuable N95 masks for higher risk assignments.
Please JOIN the Facebook group: Crafters Against COVID-19 MISSOULA - we are joining forces to get this done!! — in Missoula, Montana.


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