Two hunters hiking up Sacajawea Bowl in the northern Bridgers triggered an avalanche on Thursday morning.

The avalanche, which was triggered at around 6:50 a.m., is the first avalanche of the season in the area, according to the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center’s Facebook page.

The hunters were on the shoulder of the peak to the north (often referred to as Hardscrabble) at 9,000 feet elevation when the slide broke 20 feet above them and they were carried 400 vertical feet to the bottom, according to the GNFAC.

“One of the men was unconscious, but came to. After a self-evacuation and visit to the emergency room they were released with no critical injuries,” the GNFAC reports.

Read the full incident report HERE.

“As the two hunters experienced, under unstable conditions it’s possible to trigger an avalanche, even during early season. New snow and strong winds over the last five days have created drifts of snow near the ridgelines and filled up gullies. These locations harbor thicker pillows of wind slab and are our main avalanche concern. Unfortunately, these slopes are where we want to ski to avoid rocks…a double-edged sword,” the report continues.

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