Bozeman's first electronic music festival, HUSH HUSH, is tomorrow, September 24th, and will be featuring 5 amazing acts. Secure your entry to the event by getting your ticket ahead of time and you'll also save $10 when you do so. Who's playing? Where is it? Should I go? All answered inside this post!

The groundbreaking electronic event will be headlined by Beats Antique and EOTO. And starting off the night will be Sub Swara, Ebola Syndrome and DJ Jason Root. All of which will be sure to please any and all beat loving eardrums out there. Want a sample? Take a listen of all the artists below. Some even offer free downloads.

The whole shebang is going down at Kountz Arena and will be indoors accompanied by dazzling lighting and free glow sticks at the door. All over the top light up, glow up, and candy kid (see definition here) inspired outfits are welcome.

Finally, yes you should go. See you there!

Event Details

HUSHUSH: Saturday the September 24th, at the Kountz Indoor Arena, tickets start at $20, purchase at, Tarantino’s Pizzeria, or Cactus Records. Bands include Beats Antique, DJ Jason Root, Sub Swara, Ebola Syndrome and EOTO

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