If you could sit down and b.s. with any one living person, who would it be? As Wendy Williams would say, here are 5 "friends in my head" (here are the first 5 that popped in there, today at least)

I really haven't put much thought into this (and maybe I should have because I know I'm going to leave out someone I would die to have a beer with) but here we go,

In no particular order:

  • Howard Stern - I not only think he is hilarious but incredibly intelligent, and I think I could pick his brain on a real level
  • Jimmy Fallon - I'm really into his late night show and feel a kinship of the minds. He's beyond funny and seems like a genuinely good dude (doesn't seem affected by Hollywood, I get a sense he's been true to himself). And the Roots as his house band? That would've been my choice too, brilliant show all around.
  • Tracy Morgan - I wouldn't even want to talk, I'd just want to be in that dude's world for a minute. No doubt tears would be shed from laughter.
  • Keith Richards - I mean c'mon, the guy is a legend. A true rock star with stories for days (I'm loving his book right now). I would need to learn something from him on guitar too (one "keef" lick).
  • Derek Jeter - Stop it Sox fans, you know he's a gentleman. I would want that beer in New York City at the place of his choice.

No presidents or anyone like that on my list, it's a beer! I'm leaving out so many, what living person would you have a cold one with?