Today, February 7, the Belgrade High School placed the building into a SHELTER IN PLACE (SHELTER IN PLACE – is a safety procedure were students continue with classes as normal. Students are restricted to the building and the building is locked. Visitors are monitored by staff and escorted to their destination inside the school).

This was brought about by a Burglary Investigation in close proximity to the Belgrade High School. This Burglary was reported in the evening hours of February 6, 2013.

At the start of school on February 7, 2013 the Belgrade Police Department was still investigating this crime. School officials were concerned with the proximity to the school and at the time rumors of student involvement choose to place the building in a SHELTER IN PLACE status.

No known threat to the school or students was present to Police or School Officials at that time. School Officials choose to be proactive and place the school building into a SHELTER IN PLACE. At this time some other schools in the District choose to follow the lead of the High School and place their buildings into a SHELTER IN PLACE as well.

School and Police Officials have verified that no risk to students exists and the school is operating as normal.

(Source:  Gallatin County Media Center