Here's an item movie fans will love ---  the University of Chicago's admissions department recently received a package addressed to none other than Indiana Jones, who, according to lore, once attended the school as a student. Needless to say, the mysterious parcel set off a round of intense speculation. Where did it come from and who sent it?

Turns out, the package, which contained a replica of a journal by Indy's mentor Abner Ravenwood, arrived at its location through a combination of luck and post office error. It was actually a replica sold on eBay that was supposed to be delivered to a man in Italy.

According to the eBay seller, who lives in Honolulu, the package fell out of its wrapping and was delivered by the post office to the University instead, despite the fact that it didn't have valid postage.

Lucasfilm, meanwhile, has confirmed that the package isn't part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign, which is a real shame, because that would have been a much more satisfying ending to the story. Still, we love a good mystery, especially when it involves one of our all-time favorite movie heroes.

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