There has been a petition to make the Monday following the Super Bowl a "National Holiday" for years now. It looks like that dream will finally be coming true, at least once. There is no doubt the last Super Bowl was a hit among fans of the NFL. It set a record for viewership. According to the Associate Press it was the most watched program ever in the United States.

The Super Bowl in 2027 Will Be Special

We normally don't look ahead years at a time, but in this case it may be worth it. In 2027 Super Bowl LXI will be falling on Sunday February 14th. The following Monday the country will be honoring President's Day, Monday February 15th which will be a "National Holiday". That is what most NFL fans dream of.

Super Bowl 61 Will be In California

For those that are romantics, having the Super Bowl fall on Valentine's Day, may not be the best scenario. But for those football fans that have been wanting a day off after the Super Bowl, this is the ideal situation. Super Bowl LXI is scheduled to be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

The NFL Has Been Close All These Years For a Three Day Weekend

The NFL expanded the regular season to 17 regular season games in 2021. When they did that there was hope among football fans that some day there would be a three-day weekend involved with a "Super Bowl" weekend. In 2027 that looks like it is going to finally happen.

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Montana Has NFL Fans For Teams All Over the League

Since Montana doesn't have an NFL team that represents the state, there are fans of different teams all over the state. If we did ever get an NFL team there are a lot of Montanans that would instantly become fans.

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Three years from now the University of Montana Grizzlies should still have Bobby Hauck for their head coach with his recent contract extension. The Griz are gearing up for Spring Football right now. Three years from now who knows, there could be multiple players from Montana, from either the Griz or the Cats, playing for NFL teams that could be in Super Bowl 61. It will give football fans in Montana even more reason to cheer for a "Three-day Super Bowl Weekend". Make your plans now and mark it on your calendar. If this works out, maybe the NFL will finally make every Super Bowl weekend a three-day weekend.

Every Montana/Montana State Player in the NFL For 2023

Wondering where former Bobcat and Griz players are in the NFL? Here are all the players trying to make the NFL this preseason.

Gallery Credit: Will Gordon

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