If you want to experience one of the most entertaining fundraisers in the Bozeman area, this event is for you.

Every April in Bozeman, there is a beloved event that many college students, young adults, and sports enthusiasts love to participate in. This event is unique and a grand time for anyone who wants to get together with their friends and help raise money for a good cause.

That event is Mini Masters.

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Mini Masters is a putt-putt golf tournament in Downtown Bozeman. How? Several bars create unique mini golf holes where teams of two record their scores and try to win the elusive Jameson green jacket.

Photo by Peter Drew via Unsplash
Photo by Peter Drew via Unsplash

Which bars are participating? Here's the list.

  • Bar IX
  • Pourhouse
  • Rocking R Bar
  • Bacchus Pub
  • Eagles
  • The Crystal
  • Bozeman Taproom
  • 317
  • American Legion

How can you participate? It's simple and easy. You and your teammate will sign up at any of the bars involved and pay $20 for your fee.

Remember, each bar will have different perks or prizes to win if you sign up there.

Credit: thepourhousemt via Instagram

Who benefits from this event?

Not only to have a little bit of fun, but most of the proceeds from the event go towards the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank gets most of its donations during the winter months, and this event helps out the slow months during the Spring and Summer.

As someone who has participated in several Mini Master events, have fun, enjoy yourself, and take your time. Some bars have faster holes than others, but have fun with the journey.

Christa Brunt/Getty Images

Also, remember to leave your putters at home!

Get out there and have some fun on Saturday, April 13th.

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