Montana is full of beautiful waterfalls, but your time is limited if you want to see them before winter arrives. If you're looking for a perfect Fall adventure, plan a trip to explore some of the best waterfalls across the state.

Sperry Glacier Falls
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Many of Montana's waterfalls are off the beaten path, so you'll have to put in a little effort if you want to check them out. According to Only In Your State, Montana is home to over 200 waterfalls. They even put together a "Montana Waterfall Bucketlist" if you're having trouble deciding which waterfall you want to explore.

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With so many mountain ranges and an abundance of annual snowfall, it's no surprise that Montana has so many waterfalls. If you're near Bozeman, Palisades Falls near Hyalite Reservoir and Ousel Falls near Big Sky are two of the most popular destinations for waterfall enthusiasts.

Needless to say, Montana doesn't have a shortage of waterfalls. In fact, one of the tallest waterfalls in America is located in the northern part of the state. Before we reveal the top 3 tallest waterfalls in Montana, here are a few great end-of-summer activities that you and your family can enjoy.

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Top 3 Tallest Waterfalls in Montana

The cooler Fall temperatures are ideal for hiking in Montana. It's much more pleasant than going for a hike during the summer. If you want to see the tallest waterfalls in Montana, you'll need to visit Glacier National Park.

According to World Atlas, the tallest waterfall in Montana is Sperry Glacier Falls (also known as Avalanche Basin Falls), which is an impressive 2,300 feet tall. The waterfall starts at the basin of Sperry Glacier and runs down the headwall above Avalanche Lake.

Avalanche Basin Falls - Glacier National Park
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Feather Plume Falls in Glacier National Park is the second tallest waterfall in Montana, dropping a whopping 1,500 feet. The falls are located above Cataract Creek in GNP.

Feather Plume Falls - Galcier National Park
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Bird Woman Falls is the third largest waterfall in Montana and is located in Glacier National Park just west of the Continental Divide. Across the Valley, it falls 492 feet, beginning between Mount Oberlin on the left and Mount Cannon on the right.

Bird Woman Falls
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