Welcome back, Jack White! After nearly a four year break, the singer has returned with the new song "Taking Me Back," which is tied to promotion for the upcoming Activision Call of Duty®: Vanguard video game.

White's lyric video for the fuzzed out new track features footage from the video gaming action, giving viewers an idea of what white knuckle gaming adventures lie on the horizon. White has actually released two versions of the song, with the second being significantly more scaled back with more swing and being released under the title "Taking Me Back (Gently)." Videos for both versions can be seen below.

The singer self-produced the song at his Third Man Studios in Nashville, also playing all instruments along with providing the vocals.

As can be seen by the Call of Duty®: Vanguard visualizer, gamers will find themselves in a World War II-like environment. The newest title in the gaming franchise launches Nov. 5 worldwide. Pre-orders for the game are being taken here.

If you're liking the new Jack White track, be sure to pick it up via the platform of your choosing here. Check out both versions of the song and the lyrics below.

Jack White, "Taking Me Back" Lyrics

I'll Bet You Do
When You Take Out The Figures
And When You Pull All The Triggers,
Well You're Taking Me Back
You're Taking Me Back.

When You Listen To Mystics
As You Lay At Your Picnics.
You're Taking Me Back.
You're Taking Me Back.

I'll Bet You Do,
But Not For Long.
I'm Alone,
But Not For Long.

When I'm Down On The Floor You'll See
That No One Will Notice Me
It's Breaking My Back.
Breaking My Back.

When You Drop The Mail Off To Me
And Make Us Both Coffee
Are You Taking It Black?
Are You Taking Me Back?

I'll Bet You Do,
But Not For Long.

I'll Bet You Do Feel Alone,
But Not For Long.

It's Breaking My Back
It's Breaking My Back

When You Forgive The Friction
And You Talk About Christmas,
Are You Taking Me Back?
Taking Me Back.

When I Recall The History
These Kids Are A Mystery
They're Taking Me Back
They Are Taking Me Back

Taking Me Back.

I'll Bet You Do.
I'll Bet, I'll Bet You,

Jack White, "Taking Me Back"

Jack White, "Taking Me Back (Gently)"

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