‘Avatar’ has won millions of fans, but the movie’s director, James Cameron, has won a couple of enemies. The Oscar winner has found himself at the center of two separate lawsuits which claim he stole the idea for the movie, which just so happens to be the highest-grossing film in history.

We’re not here to pass judgment on whether ‘Avatar’ really was Cameron’s own work, but we are here to let you know what went through his mind when he found out that he’s staring down the barrel of these suits. Read on to see what the self-proclaimed “King of the World” was thinking after being slapped with a lawsuit for ‘Dances With Wolves’ meets ‘Ferngully,’ er, we mean ‘Avatar.’

1. “If anyone was going to sue me for stealing an idea about a race of blue people, I was sure it’d be the guy behind ‘The Smurfs.’”

2. “C’mon, there are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore. How else to explain the decision to remake ‘Fright Night?’”

3. “I’m being sued for ‘Avatar,’ but the guy who gave the green light for ANOTHER ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ movie gets away with it? Totally unfair.”

4. “I’m okay with someone suing me, as long as I can direct the trial in 3D.”

5. “‘Stealing’ is such a dirty word. I prefer ‘homage.’”

6. “I was possessed by the spirit of Carlos Mencia.”

7. “What are the chances we can settle out of court by giving them free copies of an ‘Avatar’ DVD-Blu Ray combo pack?”

8. “I’m sorry. I tripped over this pile of $100 bills on my way to answer the phone to hear about this. Can you repeat the news?”

9. “I should be sued for ‘Titanic.’ That was based on a real story, after all.”

10. “I’m being sued for stealing an idea? Why doesn’t someone sue the guy for the second lawsuit? He just copied it from someone else!”

11. “Good luck serving me papers while I’m vacationing in my winter home on Pandora.”

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